• Strong Financial Management
  • Increase Civic Engagement and Government Transparency
  • Enhance Customer Service

"I am seeking the office of Kent County Treasurer because of my commitment to the community and my strong interest in leveraging my education and experience for the benefit of Kent County residents."

Strong Financial Management

Maintain the County’s strong financial position and improve the operational effectiveness and efficiency of the office services. The Treasurer’s office is responsible to carry out a series of highly regulated services.  These are core functions that require strict compliance with pubic finance statutes and law.  It is my intent to continue to provide these services with impeccable adherence to law and public financing principles while protecting and advancing the County’s financial position.

Increase Civic Engagement


The Treasurer’s office, although very well run, could benefit from an increased awareness of its function and increased involvement of residents. It is my goal to improve the transparency and citizen engagement for the operations within the Treasurer’s Office.  Specifically, conducting intentional outreach to sectors of the community to increase awareness of the office’s functions and to solicit input regarding the operations and budgetary process.  This could be achieved through intentional efforts to increase engagement; public forums, town hall meetings, social media platforms and other modes of community outreach.

Customer Service

County Departments and residents of Kent County deserve the highest degree of access and quality customer service.  It is a priority partner with private and other public sector entities to identify and implement service solutions and best practices. There are opportunities to implement internal/external mechanisms to increase service quality and accessibility to County Treasurer services.


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